ZipCutter Burr

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GourdMaster™ ZipCutter Burr

ZipCutter Burr

"I love this burr!!! I like it because it is strong and easy to use... Thank you for always coming up with new things to make our gourd life easier." - Pamala Redhawk

"The [ZipCutter] works great… will continue to use the fili-point burrs for a lot of the carving." - Kay Johnson

"The [ZipCutter] burrs were wonderful. Cut cleanly and no smoking." - Kathleen Biava

"I love the new zip cutter bur, fast and fabulous!" - Cheri Fiedler

The ZipCutter Burr makes cutting and carving gourds a breeze! Use this burr to cut open your gourds, create fancy rims, and more! The special design of this burr means it is long-lasting and won’t burn out with heavy cutting use.

Use for making all kinds of detailed cuts, including cutting away parts of the gourd around a detailed design, making cut-outs from Stick ‘n Burn designs, making holes for luminarias (also called ‘Gourd Lamps'), and more!The tapered shape is perfect for detailed cuts and carving, and the highly durable metal is so strong it will go right through the gourd WITHOUT having to remove the upper layer of skin first!

Great for large-hole filigree-style carving, etching, and more!


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This burr was brought to us by artist and instructor Dianne Connelly. Thank you Dianne! Watch Dianne create a Holiday Gourd Lamp using the ZipCutter Burr.

This is a NEW product for us so please send us feedback on how we can improve the design and/or performance of this burr. In your comments, please tell us BOTH what you love about the ZipCutter and what you might want to see improved. Thank you! Email

This video is full of great information on how to get the most out of your ZipCutter burr,
including how to keep your burr from “jumping” when you carve, the right and wrong way to do filigree carving,
special tips for cutting thick gourds, and more! This is a MUST SEE video!

Gourd art by Dianne Connelly. Click here to see the video of Dianne creating this gourd luminaria using the ZipCutter Burr! (It is the 2nd project in the video.)

This incredible carved gourd is by Carol Kroll! We love the unique rim and how she has a variety of cut outs all the way around the design! Thank you Carol, for sharing your art with us! (Please note: This piece was created before the release of the ZipCutter burr and is included here as an example of how gourd artists use carving to create incredible designed pieces.)