GourdMaster™ Easy Cleaner Ball

"I LOVE THE GOURDMASTER EASY CLEANER BALL - yes I'm yelling, must let the world know. What an incredible time saver and great finish. I have tried so many tools, and none compare." -Mari E.

GourdMaster Easy Cleaner Ball Attached to an Electric Drill
The GourdMaster™ Easy Cleaner Ball has a durable, gravel-like surface that removes even the most stubborn dried gourd pulp in seconds flat! You'll LOVE how much time and energy you'll save when using the GourdMaster™ Easy Cleaner Ball to clean the inside of your gourds!

Each of these Cleaner Ball handles is 5/16" and fits inside most standard drills.

The short handles are 6" and the long handles are 12". The extra long handle is 16" .

For the best results, start by using the "coarse" grit to remove the all the dried pulp. Then use the "fine" grit cleaner ball for an extra smooth finish! Remember to always use a face mask like this Half-Size Respirator

"[These] amazing tools that have already saved me countless hours of work. I ordered the complete set of gourd cleaning balls that work on an electric drill. What can I say? These are fantastic tools. My wrists and elbows thank you!" -Tim Greenhalgh, Salt Lake City, Utah

GourdMaster Easy Cleaner Ball

The regular size, 2-inch diameter Cleaner Ball is perfect for bowls and large gourds where you want the maximum amount of cleaning surface on your ball so your cleaning time is quick. The 2-inch ball also forms better to the contour of your larger gourds so there is less chance of creating dips or pockets.

The smaller, 1.25-inch diameter Cleaner Ball is perfect to use when you want to clean gourds with an opening that is smaller than 2 inches.

For very small gourds (or gourds with a skinny neck), a 2" Cleaner Ball is too large and won't fit....but a smaller 1.25" Cleaner Ball fits perfectly! See an example in the picture below!

GourdMaster Easy Cleaner Ball

Note: We recommend you use the larger 2" size when possible since it covers more surface area and cleans more quickly.

But you will need the smaller 1.25" size to clean gourds with small openings or skinny necks like the example shown here!

"I used my new Easy Cleaner Balls...I am in Heaven! They are GREAT!!!!!!! No more sore fingers, hands, wrists etc..."

"In 5 short minutes I cleaned a gourd that would normally take hours. And the finish that the fine grit ball leaves is wonderful. These make the worst part of gourd art (cleaning the inside) a snap. ..Thank You!" -Ivy A., South Jordan, Utah

Use the long handle cleaner ball for tall gourds with narrower openings!

GourdMaster Easy Cleaner Ball
The Cleaner Ball with the short shaft is too short to clean the bottom of tall gourds. That is when you will need a cleaner ball with a long handle. Both the Large 2" and the Small 1.25" size Cleaner Balls are offered in short and long options!

Watch the Video Below to See the Easy Cleaner Ball in Action!

Cleaner Ball Sets

Pictured above, the are the 1.25" and 2" Cleaner Ball Sets. The "Ultimate Cleaner Ball Set" comes with all 8 Easy Cleaner Ball Tools!

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GourdMaster Easy Cleaner Balls
Note: You will get the best results by holding the cleaner ball at an angle when you clean, rather than holding it straight and trying to clean with the tip of it.

GourdMaster Easy Cleaner Ball

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