LED Bulbs for Gourd Lamps - 3 pack

We custom order our LED bulbs to be small enough to work for a wide range of gourd projects that are bright enough to shine through your drilled gourd lamp design.

These LED bulbs are very small yet produce an extremely bright light. (We like them small because we found the larger ones sit too high and do not light up the bottom of the art, plus they can “stick out” on the top).

We love them not only for the amount of light they produce but also because they have a very low heat output so they won't cause any kind of fire danger.
The LED base is Candelabra (E12) and the bulbs have 64 diodes. 3 watts.
The color temperature is 2700 degrees Kelvin (Warm White). Each bulb measures 3” high and ~0.70” wide.

See the image above for an example of how the light bulbs can be used with our Gourd Hardware Kits and Open Top Gourd Lamp Kits!

Back view of Marcia's Gourd Lamp unlit.

Back view of Marcia's Gourd Lamp lit.

Front view of Marcia's Gourd Lamp when lit.

Shown above, another beautiful open-top gourd lamp by Marcia Bergeson!
Thank you, Marcia, for sharing your photos with us on Facebook. You did an awesome job on your lamp!

LED Bulb for Gourd Lamps - 3 pack

$14.95 USD

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LED bulbs for gourd lamps and other craft projects. Low heat, low wattage, warm white bright 64-segment LED bulbs.