Stick 'n Burn

Make Design Transfer Easy with Stick 'n Burn!

Why waste hours tracing lines and struggling with messy carbon paper to get your design onto your gourd for wood burning when you can do it in one easy step?

With "Stick 'n Burn" Design Transfer Sheets your design is printed directly on the clear transfer sheet, and because it has an adhesive backing, all you have to do is cut it out, stick it to your gourd and start wood burning!

Watch the above video and discover how to get your design on your gourd the quick and easy way!

Stick 'n Burn Instructions

Note: Always wood burn in a well-ventilated area. For added protection for your lungs, check out the popular GourdMasterâ„¢ Woodburning Buddy!

You may also want to wear protective face wear, such as a Half-Size Respirator with Woodburning Filters.

Take a Look at Some of Our Best-Selling Stick 'n Burn Packs!

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