Proxxon Jigsaw Footswitch

The Proxxon Foot Switch allows you to easily turn your jigsaw on/off when working on your gourds.

Don't risk the chance of ruining your perfectly straight cut, or fumbling with your jigsaw (while it's moving) to realign. 

Because gourds are round and require you to hold the gourd with one hand and the saw with another, turning it on/off can be a difficult task. This is especially true because of the placement of the ON/OFF switch on the Proxxon Jigsaws, which are on the back of the saw.

But with the help of the Proxxon Foot Switch, turning your jigsaw on and off is a "hands-free" task! 

How to Plug in Your Foot Switch:
Mini Super Jigsaw- Plug the end of the saw directly into the Foot Switch and then plug the Foot Switch into the wall. 

Jigsaw Saw with Power Supply- Plug the Jigsaw into the Power Supply. Then, plug the Power Supply into the Foot Switch. Plug the Foot Switch into the wall. 

For safety please make sure the saws are in the off position before you plug them into the Foot Switch. 

This attachment frees your hands for easy on/off operation. To be used for all machines with a maximum power consumption of 5/8 hp (500 W). Ideal for both portable and stationary machines.

The switch has a housing of fiberglass-reinforced NYLON. The connecting cord is 3 ft. 21" in (250 cm) length and the output cord is 19.5" (50 cm). Ideal for both portable and stationary machines. If you are working with our 12 V hand-held machines, the Footswitch FS is connected to the transformer. Can be used with the Gourd Saw, Power tool kit and Proxxon Jigsaws.

Proxxon Jigsaw Footswitch

$19.80 USD

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