In this step-by-step video you will discover:

• How to prep the gourd shell to ensure your GourdMaster Ink Dyes blend correctly
• The insider's trick to making a straight guideline so your pine needles look even and professional
• The perfect tool that makes it fast and easy to create evenly-spaced holes to sew your pine needles on your gourd
• How to drill perfect holes in your gourd without the need for bulky power tools
• How to add more pine needles to achieve a seamless transition from one bunch to the next (the pine needles are usually not long enough to go all the way around your gourd rim, so you need to know how to add additional length without the "seams" showing)
• How to start and finish your sewing so that your pine needles stay secure
and much more!

Here are the products used in creating this gourd art project:

Round Body

Formula 49

Wax Linen Thread

Protecting Wax


Cotton Rounds

Micro Hand Drill

Sticky MeasuringTape

With Optional Red 'Stone' Studs

How to attach Red Studs: Before you attach the pine needles, you want to make the holes large enough to fit the studs using the GourdMaster Pro Carver with Fili-Point Burr. If you already have a gourd that has a pine needle rim and would like to add studs you will also need to use a Carver with a Fili-Point Burr. Make sure you're very careful when enlarging the holes so you don't accidently tear the wax linen thread.  

'Stone' Studs

Pro Carver II

Gourd Glue