Gourd Art Challenge

Winner receives a $200 Gift Card from Welburn Gourd Farm!

Second place winner receives a $100 Gift Card!

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“Cueva de Las Manos” Gourd Art Challenge: Create a gourd art piece that best captures the essence of this ancient cave painting:

Hand Stencils in Argentina's ancient "Cueva de las Manos" (Photo: Bert Verspuij/flickr

Need an example? Artist, Regina Ward created this fabulous gourd art piece, inspired by the cave painting! Thank you, Regina, for submitting your gourd art!

Gourd Art Challenge Details:
There’s no ‘wrong’ way to create a gourd for this challenge. It does not need to include hands or be a replica of the cave art. Anything goes! As long as it is apparent that your gourd art was inspired by the Cueva de las Manos cave painting in some way.

The winner of the Challenge will receive a $200 Gift Card from Welburn Gourd Farm, and the second place winner will receive a $100 gift card!
Winner will be chosen by the public by popular vote (limit one vote per person).

Deadline: Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

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Not sure where to start? Watch this video “Antique Copper Pot” Gourd for inspiration. In the video, artist Christy Barajas uses a similar color palette to that of the “Cueva de las Manos” cave art that our Gourd Art Challenge is based on.

Her technique of applying dry pigment powder over her wet ink dye may also give you some ideas for creating a stenciled-type design similar to that of the cave art. Grab a gourd of any shape or size and start experimenting with ideas!

How To Create An Antique Copper Gourd Pot

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