Hawaiian Ipu

By far, the Hawaiian Ipus are the most recognized shape of gourd, and the most popular!

When you place an order for Ipus, make sure you specify all the characteristics that you need. Each dancer is unique, and so are the gourds they use.

We specialize in high quality Ipus. Please call our office to check on pricing and availability.

The Ipu Heke drum

Th e Ipu Heke drum, or double drum, is a traditional Hawaiian instrument. It is made by cutting two specific kinds of gourds and fitting them together in a precise manner.

Th e bottom of the drum requires a Tall-Body gourd that has a flat bottom and is perfectly symmetrical. Unlike the standard Tall-Body gourd, only a few thousand of these “Ipu Heke bottoms” are produced each year.

Because of the extreme amount of labor involved in picking out gourds for Ipu Heke drums, they are priced differently from our regular Custom Order prices. Please call our office for pricing and availability.