How to View Insider's Club Pages on Desktop Or Laptop

To view any Insider's Club page on your desktop or laptop rather than your phone,
send a link to the page to yourself using email, then open the email on your desktop or lapto. Here are the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the "dot dot dot" icon at the bottom of your phone screen. If you don't see it, try scrolling to the top of the page.

Step 2. Click on the "Share with..." icon.

Step 3. Click on the email icon.

Step 4. Your email client will open, and you simply type in the email address that you check on your laptop or desktop computer and hit the send arrow. This sends the page link to your email. Then go to yoru desktop or laptop and check your email to find the email you sent with your phone, which has the page link. Click on the page link to open.