Faux Pine Cone Roof Birdhouse

These cute "Gourd Seed Roof" ornaments made by Krystal Garrido are inspired by Mary Gehley's project "Creating a Faux Pinecone Roof Effect on Gourds" [see video below].

Krystal used White Ink Dye on the “roof tiles” and gourd for the snow effect, Black Ink Dye for the birdhouse ‘hole’, and white Gourd Paint on the birdhouse hole for the snow look (white Ink Dye will not give heavy enough coverage over the black, which is why she used the white Gourd Paint).



Gourd Ornaments

Gourd Glue

GourdMaster Ink Dye: Pure Black

GourdMaster Inke Dye: Walnut

Fine Tip

White Gourd Paint

See the video below to learn how to make the adorable “Gourd Seed Roof” on your “Fancy-Hook” Ornaments (the gourd in the video is much larger, but the concept and techniques are the same).