Pro Carver Quick-Start Guide

Congratulations! You have made an excellent choice purchasing the GourdMaster Pro-Carver!

"I used [the Pro Carver] for about 20 minutes and LOVE IT! I have used a Dremel tool for years and this is so quiet and the hand piece is lighter and easier to use...I have big plans for my gourds and this Pro Carver!!". - Greer Petus

Note: BEFORE you operate your carver you MUST watch the short video below, otherwise you will void your warranty.

Quick-Start Video: How to Use Your Pro Carver (including where to find your collet, which is needed for using burrs with the smaller 3/32" shank size.)

BEFORE you operate your carver, watch the short video above for important information, tips and tricks!

IMPORTANT: Always wear a respirator and protective eyewear when carving gourds (we recommend earplugs/ear protection as well).

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How to Plug in Your Hand Piece: Watch the video below!

Watch this Gourd Tutorial to Learn Some Great Carving Techniques with Gourd Artist, Mary Gehley

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Unlock Your Chuck:

The hand piece comes with a place holder already inserted in the chuck. Piont that away from your body and use the grippers that are in the middle of the hand piece to twist COUNTER clock wise. You will have to twist harder than you think. Twist until you hear a CLICK.

Now you can remove the place holder and 3/32 collet adapter. Insert a new burr with 1/8 shank and close the chuck by twisting CLOCKWISE. You can pull on the burr lightly and it should stay in place.

How to Use Smaller Burrs (3/32 and 1/16):

Your Pro Carver already comes with a 3/32 burr inserted with a place holder rod. When you want to use teh 3/32 collet, just unlock your chuck, insert the 3/32 collet adapter, and then insert the 3/32 burr.

If you want to use a 1/16 burr, you would need to insert the 3/32 collet adapter first, then the 1/16 collet adapter, and then the 1/16 burr.

We keep a minimal amount of 3/32 Collet adapters in stock, but do have some incase you lose them. To purchase the 3/32 and/or 1/16 Collet Adapters click here!

Send in for Repair:

If your Pro Carver has stopped working, most of the time it is just the hand piece that needs to be inspected. Please follow the instructions below:

When you send it back you need to include a note with a detailed description of what is wrong with the hand piece, any sounds it was making, and circumstances leading up to the hand piece breaking (i.e. dropped it).

Once we receive the hand piece, the repair technician will inspect and email you an estimate for repair costs. The normal repair fee is $25 which includes a cleaning inside and out and return Priority shipping. There is an additional charge for parts (if needed) and they range in price from $5-$20. (If your Pro-Carver is still under the 1 year warranty and it is deemed a manufacturers error, all repair costs are waived).

Most of the time it is just the hand piece that needs to be repaired, so you can keep the white control box with you.

Send the following to the address below:

  • Pro Carver Hand Piece
  • Detailed Note
  • Return Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Welburn Gourd Farm
Attn: Repairs
40635 De Luz Rd
Fallbrook, CA 92028

If you have any more questions please feel free to reach us at (760) 728-4271. Thank you!