Standard Gourds

What Happened to Standard Quality Gourds?

The huge efforts we've put into improving our gourd crop over the last several years are finally paying off and the quality of our gourds has improved!

With fewer 'standard quality' gourds being produced, we are eliminating the separate 'Standard' and 'Premium' quality options for pre-boxed gourds and offering one main quality level instead.

These are all high quality gourds with mostly symmetrical shapes and have very few (if any) shell blemishes in inconspicuous areas. Shell blemishes refer to small cracks or scarring, not the natural markings or color of the gourd. These gourds are not guaranteed to sit flat, but that's nothing a gourd stand can't easily fix! (If you need the gourds to sit flat or have a blonde shell with no markings, you will have to place a custom order.)

As always, pre-boxed gourds have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the entire box for a full refund!*

Remember, pre-boxed gourds are offered at a substantial discount from Custom Order gourds. If you do need gourds to meet your exact specifications, you are able to place a Custom Order and get the exact gourds you need.

Because gourds are a natural product, these may have a slightly asymmetrical shape, or shell blemishes in an inconspicuous area, but they are still fabulous gourds! Better than the Standard Quality gourds that used to be offered and up to par with the Premium Quality gourds!

*For pre-boxed gourds, refunds are given on the entire box, not individual gourds. We are not able to refund individual gourds from a Pre-boxed group because the price reduction offered on these boxes (as compared to Custom Order gourds) is based on the group of gourds as a whole.