Video Tutorial Series Part 2

Here is Part 2 of Your "All About Gourds" Video Tutorial Series!
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Video 1 " Gourd Pot with Colored Leaves"

Video 2 "The Fast and Easy Way to Clean a Gourd"

Video 3 "Create Beautiful Carved Gourds with the Fili-Point Burr!"

Video 4 "Creating a Gourd Vase with Flowers and a Fancy-Cut Rim"

Video 5 "Creating Fancy Cuts and Filigree on Gourds"

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Create beautifully carved gourd art using the GourdMaster™ Pro Carver II!

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"I love the gourd cleaning ball. I have used many, many tools from hand sanding, paint strippers, sanders, gourd wands and genies, I have found this new tool to be my favorite and use it nearly all the time now. Mostly because it cleans the hard to reach, difficult area at the bottom of the gourd (where most tool are flat and can't reach) the round shape works great and cleans 100% of the inside surface area. I also like the fact that it comes in different lengths and the ball is wide enough to clean a larger area faster. I have been telling all my students and fellow artists about them..." - Dianne Connelly, gourd artist and Instructor

The Easy Cleaner Ball has a durable, gravel-like surface that removes even the most stubborn dried gourd pulp in seconds flat! Never before has cleaning the inside of your gourds been so fast and easy. Simply attach the ball to your electric hand drill and the spinning action of the drill does all the work!

Set includes a variety of GourdMaster Easy Cleaner Ball lengths so you'll be able to clean gourds of all different heights!