Video Tutorial Series Part 4

Here is Part 4 of Your "All About Gourds" Video Tutorial Series!
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Video 1 "Fancy Ways to Use Southwest Gourd Cut-Outs"

Video 2 "Fancy-Cut Oak Leaf Gourd Vase with Stipple Carving"

Video 3 "How to Make a Stained Glass Poinsettia Gourd"

Video 4 "The Best Glue for Attaching Embellishments"

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The Essential Colors 10 Pack includes: Azure, Canary, Leaf, Pitch Black, Pure White, Poppy, Rich Brown, Royal Purple, Terra Cotta, and True Red.
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With GourdMaster™ Transparent Acrylics you get the rich colors and workability you might find in an acrylic paint, combined with the wonderful, semi-transparent look of an ink dye. It's like having the best of both worlds!

Being pigment based, they are more viscous than Ink Dye so you can actually apply them with a paint brush and the color stays where you put it without bleeding!

Wipe them on with felt just like you would Ink Dye for a more transparent look, or apply them with a paint brush or even a sponge applicator to really 'build up' the color.

“I have used various inks including leather dyes, GourdMaster™ inks and the newer Transparent Acrylics are the BEST! I love the way they flow over the gourd skin, dye evenly, and blend well without having overlapping lines and smears.I also love the way they are able to blend with other products on the line and can be diluted or made like a watercolor wash with their sister product Formula 49. If you have not tried them you're missing out!” - Debbie Gutzmann