Video Tutorial Series Part 5

Here is Part 5 of Your, "All About Gourds" Video Tutorial Series!
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Video 1 "Creating New Color Effects on Gourds!"

Video 2 "Creating a Colorful Parrot on a Gourd Using
GourdMaster Metallic Inks!"

Video 3 "Coral Reef Gourd with Pigment
Powders and Metal Leaf!"

Video 4 "Creating a Ginkgo Gourd Vase"

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Create Brilliant Color with Metallic Gourd Inks!
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Pictured above, swatches of Metallic Gourd Inks.

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Accent your gourd art with a splash of brilliant color! Use Metallic Inks for durable, reflective color that is long lasting and will not fade, chip, or peel off your gourd surface.

As with the regular Gourd Ink Dyes, they are alcohol-free and are specially formulated to provide a rich color that withstands time. Thicker than the regular Gourd Ink Dyes, the Metallic Gourd Inks are applied using a paintbrush or Fine Tip Applicator and go on as a solid, opaque color (no transparency). Mix well before applying.

You'll love the high quality, long-lasting durable color of the Metallic Gourd Inks!