Complete Video Tutorial Series

The Complete "All About Gourds" Video Tutorial Series

Part 1 Videos:

Video #1- Quick Start Guide to Using
GourdMaster Ink Dyes

Video #2 - How to Get a Design
Onto Your Gourd

Video #3 - Creating a Cut-Out Ginkgo Leaf
Gourd Pot with Filigree

Video #4- More Fun Ways to Combine
Colors and Products


Part 2 Videos:

Video #1- Gourd Pot
with Colored Leaves

Video #2 - The Fast and Easy Way
to Clean a Gourd

Video #3 - Create Beautiful Carved Gourds
With the Fili-Point Burr!

Video #4- Creating a Gourd Vase with
Flowers and Fancy-Cut Rim

Video #5- Creating Fancy Cuts and
Filigree on Gourds


  Part 3 Videos:

Video #1- Creating a Gourd Birdhouse

Video #2 - Woodburning a Faux
Basket Weave on Gourds

Video #3 - Getting More Out of Your
GourdMaster Ink Dyes

Video #4- Creating a Gourd Oil Lamp
with Pink Lily Design


Part 4 Videos:

Video #1- Fun Ways to Use
Southwest Gourd Cut-Outs

Video #2 -Fancy-Cut Oak Leaf Gourd
Vase with Stipple Carving

Video #3 - How to Make a Stained
Glass Poinsettia Gourd

Video #4- The Best Glue for
Attaching Embellishments

Part 5 Videos:

Video #1- Creating New Color
Effects on Gourds

Video #2 -Creating a Colorful Parrot Using GourdMaster Metallic Inks

Video #3 - Coral Reef Gourd with
Pigment Powders and Metal Leaf

Video #4- Creating a Ginkgo
Gourd Vase


Part 6 Videos:

Video #1- Great Color Combinations for
Your Gourd Art

Video #2 -Creating Gourd Art
with Vibrant Color

Video #3 - The Easy Way to Create a Stunnning Poinsettia Gourd Pot 

Video #4- How to Carve Intricate Designs Using Stick 'n Burn