Box of Apple Gourd Birdhouses

Shown above, Box of 6 Apple Gourd Birdhouses 6-7.9" in diameter
Reg $93.50, Just $64.95!

These fun Apple Gourd Birdhouses are made for 2 uses; leave them as-is for a home decor table top piece of art, or drill a few holes in the top and hang them outdoors for a functional birdhouse!

Each gourd has been carefully hand selected, washed, and rough-cleaned on the inside. It has a 1-inch hole drilled in it to accommodate a wide selection of nesting birds, if you choose to create a functional birdhouse.

Comes in a box of 6 and sizes range from 6 - 7.9 inches in diameter.

This beautiful decorative Apple Gourd Birdhouse is by Aurelia Conway (pattern available at Hummingbird Hill website)

This lovely Apple Gourd birdhouse is listed by Kristin on her ebay store (seller name IronWoodLane). Make a similar design using our popular Stick n Burn packs or Instant Download digital design packs, or draw your own leaves onto blank Stick 'n Burn using our popular GloTracer!

Here are some examples that can be seen when searching the term "Apple Gourd Birdhouse" on Google for outdoor use:

Birdhouse hanging on a dowel and chain

Birdhouse hanging with a leather strap

Birdhouse hanging with an eye screw and leather strap

Birdhouse hanging with rope wrapped around stem

This fun Apple gourd Birdhouse with "schoolhouse" theme is listed on Etsy by "InMyPaintedGarden." You can view this and other great items here!

Concerned about rain water getting into your birdhouse?
Create a cool overhang like this birdhouse below using a piece from a smaller gourd! (Birdhouse by Jan Gowen. Be sure to check out her tutorial here!)

To make the overhang for the door shown in Jan Gowen's birdhouse, we recommend the box of Jewelry gourds, large size, 1.5"-1.9".

Box of 6 Apple Gourd Birdhouses 6-7.9" in diameter

$64.95 USD

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