Pre-Boxed Jewelry Gourds

How Jewelry Gourds are Sized:

Small- (0.75"-1.24" Diameter)
Medium- (1.25"-1.49" Diameter)
Large- (1.50"-1.9" Diameter)

Jewelry Gourds (also known as ornament gourds) are well suited for creating tree-hanging ornaments, wearable jewelry, and are often used as add-ons to larger gourds. Our artists have turned these "cute" little gourds into all kinds of items from key chains to necklaces that really grab attention

Jewelry gourds are under 2 inches in diameter. They are perfect for figurines, gift items, class projects, ornaments, and of course, jewelry! As with all high quality gourds they arrive cleaned and craft-ready!

This is a pre-boxed item, which means you save over 40% off the Custom Order price! (a Custom Order is what you need if you want us to select specific shapes for you).

These cute miniature gourd dolls were created with jewelry gourds by artist Linda Noblett.

These incredible gourd art pieces use many jewelry gourds and were created by artist and instructor, Pamala Redhawk.

Watch the Video Below to See a Fun Way to Use Jewelry Gourds!

*Please Note: This video previously aired on 11/11/15, so some information may be outdated. We thought you would still like to see the video though, for inspiration!