Butterfly Gourd Ginger Jar With Fitted Lid By Gloria Crane

This class includes the full Canteen Gourd Ginger Jar project, PLUS over 2 hours of additional bonus material, including steps for creating the tall ginger jar with filigree carving and Gloria's special "faux filigree" technique! This would normally be a 2-day class and sell for $150.00 if taught live!

This video is packed from start to finish with so much valuable information you’ll want to watch it again and again!

In this incredible 2-DVD set (including over 2 hours of bonus material!) you will discover:

  • How to create a fitted lid that "locks" into place (see top photo at left)
  • How to make your design line up perfectly on the lid and the base (see second photo at left)
  • An amazing way to cut your gourd using your Pro Carver instead of a mini saw!
  • The fast and easy way to grind down stem stumps (see third photo at left)
  • How to find the exact center of your gourd so your lid lines up perfectly in the middle EVERY TIME (and why it’s a bad idea to use the stem area as your center!)
  • How to cut and create a lid that will fit your gourd
  • Why you'll want to wait to make the topper for your lid until AFTER you've done all your carving and wood burning
  • Great tips on tool use, including how to keep your saw blades from breaking, how to make your wood burning pens last 5 years or more, how to keep your burr from "jumping" while you carve, and more!
  • What you MUST remember to do before you start carving, otherwise you won't get your lid to fit correctly
  • The best carving burrs to use for carving down the lid area
  • Why your lid might not fit right even though you followed all the carving steps perfectly, and the one quick fix that will make it fit!
  • Special tricks for pattern placement
  • A quick and easy way to draw your own flowers and leaves if you decide to add to your design
  • The three Wood burning pens you need in order to wood burn the butterfly design and why they are the best ones to use
  • An easy trick for removing Stick 'n Burn to avoid leaving sticky residue on your gourd
  • Simple wood burning techniques to make your flowers and butterflies look more realistic.
  • The #1 mistake people make when using Ink Dyes and how to avoid it.
  • Why you want to have several shades of each Ink Dye color on hand when coloring your design
  • The secret to creating butterflies with bold, realistic looking colors (Hint: it's not just about the Ink Dye color choices but HOW you put them on!)
  • Why you want to seal your gourd with varnish BEFORE you complete your butterflies
  • Welburn Gourd Farm Special tips for painting the flowers (Includes 3 different color options for your flowers; white, purple, and blue!)
  • How to create an "inverted gourd" with a flat wooden bottom
  • The important step you must do before cutting out your wooden base
  • The right and wrong way to hold your burr when doing filigree carving
  • Why it's important to varnish your gourd BEFORE you do the filigree carving
  • Gloria's special trick for creating "faux filigree" (same as regular filigree but you don't have to carve all the way through the gourd!)
  • How to finish your filigree holes to give your art piece a more professional look
  • How to attach a bead to your lid
  • How to create a lid with a special jewelry gourd top
  • How to make the adorable 3-D flower design lid, including tips for woodburning the flower stamens onto the jewelry gourd top (see photo at left)
  • Additional information on how Gloria made other gourd ginger jars (see photo at left)
  • And much, much more!

Plus you get the pattern FREE! A link to download the pattern from our website is included on the face of your DVD!

If you would like your pattern pre-printed, be sure to pick up the Stick 'n Burn pack with has 2 extra pages added for just $9.95!

Butterfly Gourd Ginger Jar with Fitted Lid - Gloria Crane

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