How to make a Butterfly Votive and a Butterfly Oil Lamp

Gloria Crane's "How to make a Butterfly Votive and a Butterfly Oil Lamp" Class

This incredible 2-DVD set features almost 2 hours of instruction! Follow along as award winning artist, Gloria Crane, takes you step-by-step through creating both an elegant votive with Gloria's signature high-polish finish and an oil lamp accented with beautiful metal leafing.

On the 1st DVD, "Making a Butterfly Votive," you will discover:

  • How to get a level cut on your gourd every time
  • Creating a beautiful, high-polish finish on your gourd without using varnish!
  • Special tips for even pattern placement, including how to space your patterns the exact same distance apart using one simple technique, a huge time saver!
  • How to carve smooth and even cut-outs in your butterfly wings
  • Creating stunning color yon your butterfly images and more!
The second DVD, "Making a Butterfly Oil Lamp"

Builds on the information from the first DVD, giving you even more options with color and design! You will discover:
  • How to create a "feathered look" on the butterfly wing tips
  • How to fix holes or imperfections in your gourd and make your Ink Dye match perfectly so the repair work does not show on your finished piece
  • Special tips for applying metal leaf, and much, much more!

In addition, the Bonus Section on DVD #2 shows you:
  • How to create a beautiful see-through effect on your gourd using Transparent Pigment Powders (different from the standard, solid-color pigment powders)
  • Using a 1-step application to create a beautiful blended effect with your butterfly colors