Gloria Crane's Carved Gourd Pot Class

Gloria Crane's "Carved Gourd Pot with Hand-Tooled Leather Look and Textured Patina" Class is now available on DVD!
(This class normally sells for $79.00 when Gloria teaches it in person)


"I've been doing gourds for 5 years and this is the best video I've ever purchased. I have just finished watching [it] for the second time and it is awesome...[Gloria] covers every single step of the technique in detail and the camera close-ups are the best I've ever seen in a video. Not only did I learn this new and unique way to do leather tooling, but also how to do the textured patina...I can't say enough about this excellent video. This has to be your best one yet!"
- Gail Lewis


Get ready to create fabulous looking gourd art using Gloria’s amazing design ideas and techniques, including the “Tooled Leather Look” and “Textured Patina Finish.”

This video is (almost 3 hours total run time! ) and is packed from start to finish with so much incredible information, you’ll want to watch it again and again!

Art by Gloria Crane

Gloria's tips on how to improve your design transfer wood burning skills are reason alone to buy this video. If you've been looking for ways to improve your wood burning and create cleaner, more professional looking lines, this video is a MUST HAVE!

The class has several design and color options, including the beautiful version shown at right! Join Gloria as she takes you step by step in creating this beautiful, multi-technique project.

In this Class You’ll discover:
• Planning your cut to get TWO projects from ONE gourd!
• How and when to use the different GourdMaster™ Easy Cleaner Balls.
• How to get perfect pattern placement, including how to line your front center and back center designs up perfectly every time. (Hint: It’s so quick and easy you'll wonder how you never thought of it before!)
• Secret techniques to create realistic stitching, including Gloria’s quick method for perfect design placement.
• A cool trick for removing Stick 'n Burn from its backing without the struggle.
• How to make perfectly straight and uniform bands in one easy step - you won't believe how fast she does it using one easy technique! [The bands are the areas with the “stitching” that are above and below the carved area with the “Tooled Leather”]

• Absolutely fantastic woodburning tricks you can use to get perfectly clean and even lines when doing your design transfer.
• Why it’s best to use different style pen tips for different areas of your design (i.e. which pens to use and when to use them)
• An alternate woodburning pen and method to use for the “stitching” step if you want to save money and skip buying a new pen.
• Gloria's special techniques for making your design look like real tooled leather, including…
o The right and wrong way to do the tooled leather shading.
o The best woodburning pen to use for creating the tooled leather look.
o Special shading tricks you need to know.
o The best woodburning pen to use for creating fine details in your designs.
o And more!

“If you follow the techniques I share with you in this class you will get the same clean, crisp lines as I do, even if this is your first time wood burning on gourds.”
- Gloria Crane

Patina finish by Gloria Crane

Plus, you'll also learn:
• What you must know before you start carving.
• When and how to use the different carving burrs, including structured tooth burrs, high speed cutters, and diamond burrs.
• Why you might want to choose a ball burr over an inverted cone for doing the same type of carving.
• Why you might want to choose a ball burr over an inverted cone for doing the same type of carving.
• The NEW carving technique Gloria calls “fun and fast!” (which she invented because she was tired of doing the more lengthy and time-consuming stipple carving!).
• How to create a fabulous rustic finish using Gloria’s incredible texturing technique! • The one last step you MUST do once your texture application is dry (without this step you may have chunks of your patina finish falling off later on!).

• How to create totally different looks using either GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes or Transparent Acrylics, plus what you must know before applying color to the carved surface of your gourd.
• The “fast finish” patina product that makes getting an incredible patina finish so easy, you’ll never go back to waiting for traditional patina again!
• The simple way to add turquoise embellishments (much easier and faster than using cabochons that must be inlayed, requiring carving a hole the exact size and shape of your stone).
• The right and wrong way to seal a gourd that has patina.
• And more!

Pictured right, Gloria shows you a quicker design option you can do without the textured patina, including how she achieves the special shading in the art piece, plus her special “one step” finish for the inside of the gourd.

Gourd art by Gloria Crane

Gloria Crane's Carved Gourd Pot Class

$49.95 USD

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