Gourd Master Ink Dyes

"Love the dyes I bought. They look great on my gourds and went on very smoothly. The colors are so intense, too...Thank goodness you offer them." - Marlene Record

GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes are formulated to provide rich, vibrant colors that look great on your gourds.

They go on smooth with no streaking or mess, and blend together beautifully as shown in the fall leaf picture left by Christy Barajas!

Ink Dyes can even be removed if you make a mistake. Just use GourdMaster™ Formula 49 with a piece of felt or a cotton swab and Ink Dye removes like magic!

Ink Dyes give you a gorgeous translucent effect and are fun and easy to work with. Plus they are extremely concentrated and a little goes a long way! Just one bottle can cover over 100 gourds that are 5"-6" in diameter!


What is the Difference Between GourdMastetTM Ink Dyes and GourdMaster(TM) Transparent Acrylics? Watch this video for the answer and much more too.


Different Ways to Use White GourdMaster(TM)Transparent Acrylics and GourdMaster(TM) Ink Dyes

'"Greetings Folks! Wanted to tell you just how happy I am with the amazing new colors offered in your new gourd [ink] dyes! The colors a bright & crisp, easy to use, & best of all,I can use drops of concentrated color instead of tons of leather dye. I am very happy, & will be passingthis info on to all my friends! Many Thanks!" - Cynthia B, Picture Rocks Art

Ink Dye can be applied with a piece of felt or by using the specially designed Ink Dye Applicator Cube. Ink Dye Applicator CubeNot only does the Applicator Cube (shown right )enable you to apply your color smoothly with no dripping or running, it has a fine, soft surface that will not scratch or create streaks on your gourd.

Plus you avoid wasting your ink Dye on rags, which only soak up your product and waste it, because the Applicator Cube can be sealed and stored for later use.


See how to apply Ink Dye to gourds, how to blend your colors, what to do when you have a dry gourd shell, and more in this information-packed video tutorial "Working With GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes" (get it for free when you purchase a 10-Color pack or the Pro-pack!).

"I ordered the [Ink Dyes] and they arrived yesterday. Last night I used them on two gourd bowls and a necklace. The colors are luscious. I was so anxious to try them all I just did a patchwork pattern on one of the gourds. The little ink pads make it all very simple. The colors stay where you put them, edges are easy to blend..." - Karen C. in IL

Save Big When You Order Ink Dye Sets!

Ink Dye Pro-Pack

All 32 Colors with Free Storage Case and Bottle Caddy! (Inlcudes 10 New Colors!)

Ink Dye 12-Color Basic Pack!

12 Colors with Free Applicators and Instructional DVD!

New Colors 10-Pack!

Get the New 10 Ink Dye Colors!
(These also come with the Pro Pack)

In order to make room for the 10 New Colors pack, we had to eliminate 8 colors from the current line. Not to worry though, because we tried replacing the colors that are being discontinued with even more stunning colors in the 10 new colors pack!

Discontinued Colors:
Deep Red, Gold, Antique Gold, Blue Denim, Burgundy, Chocolate, Sage and Teal.