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Gourd Art Finishes - Gourd Varnish

Recommend by professional gourd artists, this top-selling, high-quality Gourd Varnish is excellent for sealing the inside and outside of your gourd and protecting your art that is intended for interior display! (For gourds you want to put outside, we recommend purchasing a varnish intended for outdoor use).

It is a non-yellowing, extremely durable varnish that will not chip or peel. Can be mixed with gourd Ink Dyes and used as a versatile, new coloring agent!

Gourd Varnish comes in two outstanding finishes: Gloss, which leaves your artwork with a lustrous, shiny finish; and Satin, which leaves your artwork with a softened, matte finish!

Interior Varnish
Non Toxic
Water based
High Quality Acrylic Varnish
Safe and Easy To Use
Easy Clean Up
Great Coverage, Fast Drying
Durable, Strong, Flexible
Best applied using a make-up sponge. Use a VERY small amount on your sponge! A little goes a long way! (Sponge on, do not drag.) Varnish can also be applied to wood, metal, furniture, craft projects, tin, canvas and fabric.

Coverage: 8oz approximately 50 sq.ft.

Non Toxic Water based Easy To Use