Metal Gourd Stands

Have a gourd that won’t stand straight? Then Metal Gourd Stands are just what you need!
The Stands Come in Three Great Sizes (see size chart below).

Metal Gourd Stands

Left: 3” Metal Gourd Stands Holds 4”-5” size gourds
Middle: 5” Metal Gourd Stands Holds 5”-7” size gourds
Right: 7” Metal Gourd Stands Holds 7”- 10” size gourds

Please note: Gourds are measurements are by the diameter- the widest part at the bottom.

Metal Gourd Stands are made with high quality materials and come with a high gloss powder coat finish! They also have rubber caps on the ends so you don’t have to worry about them scratching the surface of you gourd!

Make any gourd stand up straight with these double-sided gourd stands. Each stand is 2 in 1--just flip it over to hold a larger or smaller gourd!

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Pictured above, Canteen gourd art by Christy Barajas. Normally a Canteen Gourd wouldn't be able to stand on it's side, but with the help of a Metal Gourd Stand you can display your beautiful artwork!

The images on her artwork are from the Tropical Designs Stick 'n Burn pack!

Welburn Gourd Farm staff members Sierra and Maria worked together to make this Canteen Half succulent planter.

Metal Gourd Stand

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