Razertip SK Burner with FREE Gifts

If you're looking for great value in a lifetime-quality tool at a competitive price, Razertip® can fit the bill, with two different power supplies. Both are made to stand up to serious professional use, yet are simple enough for a child to operate (under adult supervision). While they were designed to add feather detail to bird carvings, owners of our burners have amazed us with some of the other materials that they use it on. Leather, gourds... etc. We look forward to hearing of other uses you may have discovered.

With features like:
* 10 amp power output provides the fastest tip-heat recovery in the industry.
* Ideal wide-range temperature control won't scorch wood at "1" through to "red-hot" at 10.
* The only safety certified hot-wire pyrographic tool on the market - CSA c/us safety certification (CSA #LR95555) for North America.
* Accepts all Razertip pens and accessories; with available adapter cords will accept most any make of pen, too.
* Indexed handpiece indicator lights, can help confirm proper pen and cord operation.
* Ultra stable control circuitry maintains consistent burns even when turned on-and-off-and-on again.
* Removeable handpiece cords allow use of 18ga. (extra-flex) or 16 ga. (heavy-duty) cords.

Unconditional manufacturer warranty covers everything (and we mean everything!) for 3 years on the power supply.

The Razertip SK Burner includes:
Power Supply
Heavy Duty Large Skew Woodburning Pen
Heavy Duty Handpiece Cord
Purchase a Razertip SK Burner today and receive these amazing FREE gifts:
DVD "Woodburning with Gourds with Carrie Dearing
Sampler Pack of Pre-Printed Stick N Burn Transfer Sheets
Gourd Practice Pieces
That's a $39.85 gift value absolutely FREE!