Stick 'n Burn Geometric Designs Pack

$12.95 USD

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Put together intricate patterns with the Geometric Designs Stick 'n Burn pack! Included are 6 pages of a variety off unique designs and patterns.

With the freedom to mix and match different shapes, the creative possibilities are endless! There is even a page dedicated to shapes inspired by Native Southwest motifs. The designs can be put together in a variety of ways to liven up your gourd art, like the art piece pictured!


By Krystal Garrido
Pictured above, a mini gourd pot by Krystal Garrido. The rim was cut with the GourdMaster™ Fili-Point burr. The southwest inspired designs are from the Geometric Designs Stick 'n Burn pack. Pitch Black Transparent Acrylic and Satin Gourd Varnish was used. Turquoise embellishments were glued on with GourdMaster™ Gourd Glue.

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