'Bargain Quality' Gourd Bowls

Pictured above: an assortment of 'Bargain Quality' Craft-Ready Gourd Bowls, ranging from 5" inches - 10.9" inches in diameter

Please Note: Gourds are a natural product and each one is different. The photo is meant as a general representation and does not show the exact gourds you will receive.

"When I order Welburn gourds I always know they'll arrive quickly and be the most beautiful gourds.
The only thing that could be better would be living next door to the farm! Thank you."
- Cindy Lee

Our Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourd Bowls are extremely popular! All the hard work of cutting and cleaning has been done for you so you can get right to the fun of creating your art piece! Gourd Bowls make perfect gifts and can be used as candy dishes, votive holders, or a decorative bowl to hold potpourri or flowers! And you can also create gourd lamps with them using our Gourd Lamp Hardware kits.

These Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourd Bowls are considered "Bargain Quality", so they have been marked over 30% off! These boxes come with gourd bowls with different height variations like in the photo above.

These “Bargain” Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourd Bowls cannot qualify as High Quality gourds because they may have one or more flaws such as minor cracks, scarring or other shell blemishes. Such shell blemishes can be easily carved out or masked with your choice wood filler.

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Gourd sizing chart

Shown above, Gourd Sizing Board

*Please note: Gourds will be bigger than the size shown on the sizing board because there is a range from one size hole to the next. For example, a gourd that sits on the 9-inch ring and passes through the 10-inch ring on our sizing board is priced as a 9-inch gourd, even though it could be as big as 9.9 inches. Watch our Gourds 101 video to see how we price our gourds. Gourds are sized by their diameter, which is the widest point of the gourd straight across.

Gourds measured in diameter

Because gourds are a natural product, these may have a slightly asymmetrical shape, or shell blemishes in an inconspicuous area, but they are still fabulous gourds! If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the entire box for a full refund within 30 days!*

*For Pre-Boxed gourds, refunds are given on the entire box, not individual gourds. Sorry, we cannot refund individual gourds from a Pre-boxed group because the price reduction offered on these boxes (as compared to Custom Order gourds) is based on the group of gourds as a whole.

Please note: Photos are meant to be a general representation of the gourds you will be receiving.

'Bargain Quality' Gourd Bowls

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