Standard Gourd Bowls

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Gourd bowls showcase unique variations, celebrating the natural diversity of each gourd. Explore our photo collection to discover the distinct styles crafted from individual gourds.

All these beautiful gourd bowls examples can be found in both the 5"-6.9" and 7"-8.9" diameter ranges. Please keep in mind that gourds are a natural product, meaning each one is unique. While we can't guarantee identical gourds, we ensure that you'll receive the diameter sizes mentioned in your purchase. Embrace the natural charm of these one-of-a-kind creations!

Beautiful gourd bowl crafted by Kay Lovingood, the talented owner of KaysOffHerGourd Etsy Shop! Using Ink Dyes, Kay expertly accentuated the natural markings of the gourd, while freehanding these vibrant sunflower blossoms for an extra touch of charm. Explore this unique creation in her shop by clicking here.

Regina Ward painted used Ink Dyes to created this lovely spring palette on her gourd bowl design!