Stick 'n Burn Multiples: Variety Pack

Now it's easy to create beautiful gourd art pieces that have multiple copies of the same images using our Stick 'n Burn "Design Multiples" packs!

Most of our Pre-printed Stick 'n Burn packs only give you 2-4 copies of a design (which means you have to buy 2 or even 3 packs if you wanted to create an art piece with the same image carried all the way around the gourd).

With Stick 'n Burn Design Multiples, you get multiple copies of the same image in one pack, which means you can repeat the same design as many times as you'd like!

With many gourds, especially gourds that are not symmetrical, there is no real "front side" or "back side" to it.

Stick 'n Burn Design Multiples gives you the chance to create gorgeous pieces because you don't have to apply them symmetrically. The individual patterns gives you the chance to place them however you like!