GourdMaster™ Gourd Glue

This clear-drying, water soluble glue is perfect for all kinds of gourding needs, including: gluing gourd pieces together, attaching cabs, embellishments, gourd cut-outs, and much more! The durable GourdMaster™ Gourd Glue is also great for repairing or replacing your broken gourd stems. It can even help repair small cracks that may be on your gourd!

1oz bottle. No-clog cap.

GourdMaster Gourd Glue

See the video "Creating Gourd Leaf Cut-Outs" Click Here. (Art piece shown above, center.)
See the DVD "How to Create a Terracotta Gourd Pitcher, Click here. (Art piece shown above, right.)

Watch the video below for tips on how to use GourdMaster™ Gourd Glue
and discover a fun way to use gourd seeds to enhance your gourd art!

Please note: This is an older video and audio may not play correctly on a desktop computer. Please use your phone or mobile device if you are having issues with the audio.

Ultimate GourdMaster Gourd Glue

$4.95 USD

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