June 27, 2020: Get almost 50% Off Apple Gourds, plus a FREE project idea from one of our customers, and more!

June 26, 2020

June 27, 2020: Get almost 50% Off Apple Gourds, plus a FREE project idea from one of our customers, and more!

Save Almost 50% On Our
Apple Gourd 'Learning Boxes!

Only while supplies last.

Learning Boxes come in a variety of shapes, and right now you can save almost 50% on the Apple Gourds Learning Box, Reg. $47.00, Just $24.95 and Just $9.95 flat rate shipping!

Box of 4 Large Apple Gourds, 6"- 7.9" in diameter,
Reg. $47.00, Just $24.95! (and just $9.95 flat rate shipping!)*

Shown above Phoebe with Apple Gourds (Apple Gourds are 6"- 7.9" in diameter).

'Learning Boxes' are low-prices gourds with major flaws or blemishes that keep them from qualifying to go in our regular, high-quality Gourd Boxes, but almost all the gourds have wonderful, thick shells and are perfect for kid's projects, challenge gourds, and more!

FREE Apple Gourd Project!
Contributed by Regina Ward via her Facebook Post

We love this fun Apple Gourd project by Regina Ward! Regina graciously offered others to use her design 😊. Here's what she said in her post:

"Had some fun yesterday with this apple gourd. It's a gift for a family member's birthday coming up. These are really simple to make with the Welburn ink dyes and attached to a 3" wood base. They would be great to personalize with a name and gifted to a special person. 😊😊😊😊 EVERYONE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THIS DESIGN AND SHARE WITH ALL YOUR TEACHERS EVERYWHERE.

Thank you, Regina, for sharing this lovely project on Facebook!

Shown above, another great apple gourd by Regina Ward! This one is a fun pencil holder!

Tip: Learning Box gourds will you often have shell blemishes, and Apple Gourds in particular are known to have dark shell areas on much of the gourd. A great way to mask dark shell markings is by using pigment-based Transparent Acrylics and a make-up sponge, applying the color with a pouncing motion to create a thicker coat (as opposed to wiping on the color with a piece of felt).

Use 2-3 different colors of red Transparent Acrylics (or Ink Dyes) to create realistic color with shades! (plus they are 15% Off when you buy 3 or more!

Purchase Apple Gourd 'Learning Box'

Browse our full selection of colors for gourds.

*Flat rate shipping on Learning Boxes is for lower 48 U.S. states only and does not include Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Featured Gourd Post:

Thank you, Kathy, for your post and for mentioning our farm as your tool source!

If you are shopping for tools, we currently have GourdMasterTM Easy Cleaner Balls in stock, and the Proxxon Mini Jigsaw with specialty 'gourd foot' (needed for cutting curved areas on your gourd) will be in stock next week. You can sign up for the 'Back In Stock Reminder Alert' on this page.

Awesome Gourd Art in the NEW Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

Beautiful gourd with handles by Phyllis Durbin. Description: "Bushel basket gourd. Burned, and stippled." Price: $45. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Malem Vessel with Acorn Caps by Deborah Hildinger-Young.
Description: "Hard shell gourd utilizing dyes, iridescent paint sticks, carving, pyrography, and copper leaf. Embellished with beads, acorn caps, and waxed linen thread." 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Price: $70 . To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Beautiful gourd with pine needles and cabochon, by Debby Lipan! Description: "Beaded cabochon glycerin pine needles and green waxed linen." Size is 6" X 7" Price: $60. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Gourd Special of the Week:

Box of 6 Extra Large β€œFancy Hook” Ornaments, 3.25"-4.5” in diameter.

Reg. $40.00, Just $29.95!

"I was recently privileged to receive the ornament gourds...cleaned with screw eyes and fancy hangars. They are so perfect! Exactly what I wanted, superb ornament gourds! Even arrived two days early. Thank you Welburn for your excellent product and service. You are the best!" -Barbara Kemple

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

This beautiful gourd by Jeanine Williams has quite a story behind it! She posted in "For the Love of Gourds" Facebook Group that she accidentally sprayed it with adhesive instead of fixative! She asked the group, "Is there anything I can do? I have alcohol dyes, ink dyes, and acrylic paint on the gourd which is why I wanted to put fixative on it before sealing it so nothing would run."

She posted a second post with the finished gourd shown above and shared, "Due to all of your comments and help [referring to people in the group who replied], I was able to save the gourd, thank the Lord! I ended up using WD-40 first, then followed with rubbing alcohol. It took a little of the dye and paint off, but nowhere near as much as I thought it would. However, I did not haul off on it with those products. Just lightly rubbed until I just went thru the sticky layer. So thankful!"

Thank you Jeanine, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook! We're so glad you were able to save your piece -- it turned out beautiful!!

Letters from Our Customers

"I recently purchased the Glo-Tracer. I really like this product. It works great. I have found that I can use it for other crafts also. My granddaughter has recently gotten hooked on gourds and you folks had the free gourds for kids. I ordered her a glo-tracer after she saw and used mine. You people are great!" Thanks, Linda Kaylo

"It's the greatest invention since sliced bread! It's lite and bright but can be dimmed also. I love it!" - Robert Sadler

"Just got my glo tracer and it is fantastic. Very lightweight, easy to assemble and use. I have already used it to do two transfers on stick and burn. I recommend this product, the uses are as vast as the imagination." - Marcia Konopka