October 10, 2020: GourdMasterTM Pro Carver II Almost Sold Out!

October 09, 2020

October 10, 2020: GourdMasterTM Pro Carver II Almost Sold Out!

Pro Carver II Almost Gone! Get Over $110.00 in FREE Gifts When You Order Today!
Value: $340.29, Just $264.95! (supplies limited)

Includes a FREE foot pedal, FREE set of burrs, and FREE "How-To" DVD, and Blank Stick 'n Burn for printing designs to make cut-outs! (A $111.29 value!)

Right Now You Will Receive These FREE Gifts With Your Carver Purchase:
FREE Foot Pedal
FREE 20-piece Diamond Burr set
2 FREE GourdMaster Specialty Burrs
3 FREE GourdMaster Fili-Point Burrs
1 FREE GourdMaster ZipCutter Burr
1 FREE Blank Stick 'n Burn 10-Pack
FREE DVD Link to view video project "Stipple Carving" online
A $111.29 Value!

"I love the Pro Carver because it's so easy to use! The hand piece fits perfectly in your hand and it's lightweight, so there is less stress on your hands. I love how easy it is to change the bits and burrs. Just click, snap (switch out burrs) and you’re done, you have to get one!" - Pamala Redhawk

This beautiful carved gourd is by Sunny McClain! Shown left is the early stages of the gourd showing all the carving and wood burning , and on the right after color was added. Thanks, Sunny, for posting in the "For the Love of Gourds" Facebook group!

Shown above, fabulous 'Carved Pueblo' gourd by Lynda Smith! Be sure to check out the Gourd Art Marketplace to purchase this and similar gourds by Lynda.

Get Over $110.00 in FREE Gifts When You Order the GourdMaster Pro Carver Today!
Reg. $340.29, Just $264.95!

Medium Size 'Bargain Quality' Tall-Body Pre-Cut Vases Back in Stock!
Reg. $111.95, Just $84.95! Supplies Limited!

Shown above, 'Bargain Quality' Tall-Body Gourd Vases. Pre-Cut and cleaned inside and out and sanded on the bottom so they sit flat.

We love this tall vase with Fall theme by Debb Chiappisi! Thanks, Debb, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Lovely Grinch theme Tall-Body gourd vase by Debb Chiappisi! Thank you, Debb, for sharing your artwork with us!

Each vase comes pre-cut and cleaned on the inside so you can get right to the fun of crafting on your gourd! They have also been sanded on the bottom so they stand straight.

Order Your Bargain Quality Gourd Vases Today!
Reg. $111.95, Just $84.95! Supplies Limited!

Dreamcatcher vase by Christy Barajas! Pattern is from Stick 'n Burn Traditional Native American Designs Pack!

Featured Gourd Post!

We love the leaf cut-out pattern Susan created on her gourd! Thanks Susan, for sharing your gourd art with us!

Awesome Gourd Art in the Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

Carved parrot themed gourd by Rita Evenson! Rita, writes in her post, "parrot with shimmering colors , surrounded with foliage and black stippled background. All background is reduced to bring out the patterns" Price $145. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Filigree carved gourd art by Carol Delano! Carol, writes in her post, "Carved light with mahogany carved wood bottom $60 (sold)" To learn or see more of Carol's gourds, use this direct link!

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

We love the incredible “mosaic tile” look the artist created with this gourd! Note: This photo was posted by ülkü Karaduman, however if this is not the artist and you know who the artist is, please let us know so we can give that artist proper credit!

Letters from Customers

"Hi, i wanted to let you know that I am absolutely in love with my Gourd ProCarver 2. It makes carving such a pleasure. It is exactly the tool I needed to try to elevate my gourd skills. I started gourding this last spring after attending the Running of the Gourds Festival in Arizona. I have since discovered the wonderful Welburn gourds and supplies. I have ordered many times from you and am always pleased with my order. Thank you for your inspiration and excellent service. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with Welburn." - Claudia Ehli, Tucson, AZ.


"Thanks for my filli-point burrs. I have been having a wonderful time playing with the burr. Wish I'd had one years ago! Keep up the good work." - Simone Doherty


"The [Fili-Point Burr] is awesome! I love that I can just plunge it right into the gourd and it doesn't grab.   Because of its size it fits into tiny corners, so I can cut really intricate shapes. The cutting action is powerful and so smooth, like cutting through butter, so it leaves a clean edge - this means less sanding for me (always a good thing!). From tiny filigree holes to larger cut-outs, this burr easily does it all!" - Mary Gehley