Replacement Gourd Stems

Replace Your Missing Gourd Stem!

Despite careful handling of all our gourds, the mere fact that each gourd must be turned 4 to 5 times during the drying period and are handled an average of 4 more times after that means the stems are very often broken or missing by the time they get shipped.

Simply drill a small hole in the stem and insert a short piece of wooden dowel with glue. On your gourd, cut off any remaining or broken stem, file down the stub using a metal file, and drill a hole for the other end of the dowel. Glue your Replacement Stem in and, voilá! No one will ever know its not the original stem!

Watch the video, "How to Attach a Replacement Gourd Stem" to see how easy it is to complete your art piece!

Please Note: This video shows gourd stems with the dowel already attached. To keep costs low, the current Bag of Gourd Stems does not have a pre-attached dowel so you will need to do that step yourself.

Pictured below is an Apple gourd with no stem. You can see what a difference the stem makes and completes the piece in the example shown on the right.

This Apple Gourd was missing a stem.

A replacement stem was added to complete the art piece!

Apple Gourd art by Kelsey Nelson. The Apple was colored with Deep Red Ink Dye and the filigree holes were created using the GourdMaster Pro Carver and Fili-Point Burr!

Stems come in various widths to match different size gourds. They are pre-washed and packaged in a bag of 10 stems.

Bag of 10 Replacement Gourd Stems

$19.95 USD

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