Box of 6 Whimsical Birdhouses (3"-4.9" diameter)

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Whimsical Birdhouses

These fun "Whimsical Birdhouses" can be used for both home decor or to hang outdoors for a functional birdhouse!

Each gourd has been carefully hand selected, washed, and rough-cleaned on the inside. It has a 1-inch hole drilled in it to accommodate a wide selection of nesting birds, if you choose to create a functional birdhouse.

(Please note, some gourds may have small shell flaws as shown in the image above. Gourds are a natural product and shapes will vary from those shown in the photo. Gourd ring stands are not included but can be easily made using our box of small People Gourds.)

Shown above, fun barnyard-themed Whimsical Birdhouse made by farm employee, Gissel Olague! This is Gissel's very first gourd she has ever created! We love the design elements she included and the bright and happy feel of her piece.

Shown above, Whimsical Birdhouse made by farm employee, Sierra Bequette! The design features a large mushroom on the top of the gourd with its stem running down the back (traveled upon by a lovely green catapillar!), a grassy lawn at the base, bluebells growing along one side, and a cluster of mushrooms circling around a cheerful rose door! This is Sierra's third gourd, and we love her design!

Please see the Project Page here for a list of colors Sierra used on this gourd.

Shown above, Whimsical Birdhouse by farm employee, Maria, featuring images from our Pre-Printed Stick 'n Burn Packs: Birds and Lakeside Cabin!

Whimsical Birdhouse by Gissel Olague! Designs from the pack, “Digital Design Pack for Birdhouses and More.”

It is highly recommended to make your birdhouse using an organically grown gourd. Our gourds are grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Non-organic gourds sprayed with pesticides (or with chemical residue in the soil) can actually absorb those chemicals into the gourd wall and cause damage to birds. Welburn Gourd Farm grows all their gourds organically.

Please Note: Birdhouses are shipped with the seeds and dried pulp left inside, which birds often like to use for nesting material. Some of this dried material may come loose in the box during shipping.