Pre-Printed Stick 'n Burn Pack : Lakeside Cabin

The "Lakeside Cabin" Stick 'n Burn pack is one of our most popular! You'llget a variety of different wildlife images, such as deer, quails, ducks, a moose, and even a bear in one great pack!

You will be able to create a many different art pieces with this Stick 'n Burn pack because it comes with 3 different pages of designs (2 of each) for a total of 6 pages in this pack.

The beautiful gourd art piece, pictured right, was created by gourd artist Christy Barajas using the pre-printed Lakeside Cabin Stick 'n Burn design transfer sheets.

Look at the art pieces below that were created with the "Lakeside Cabin" Stick 'n Burn Pack to get great ideas and inspiration!

Pictured above is a Mini Vase by Christy Barajas. The duck and foliage are designs from the Lakeside Cabin Stick 'n Burn pack. The feathers were colored using Pigment Powders to create the look of realistic, iridescent feathers. The background was colored using Burgundy Ink Dye. It was framed with Metal Leaf. For complete materials list, click here.

Gourd pot with deer crafted by Krystal Garrido

Pictured above is a gourd pot by Krystal Garrido. The Buck and leaves are designs from the Lakeside Cabin Stick 'n Burn pack. To learn how to get the "burled wood" effect on your gourd, be sure to watch the class on DVD, "Inverted Gourd with Burled Wood and Stone Inlay", by Gloria Crane!

Get this same design pack as an “instant download”

"Digital Design Pack: Digital Design Pack for Lakeside Cabin and Mountain Wildlife" pack! Use this link.

Stick 'n Burn Lakeside Cabin Pack

$12.95 USD

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