Gourd Pots, Pre-Cut and Craft Ready

Shown above, Phoebe Welburn pictured with (left to right) 7", 5" and 6" diameter gourd pots.

Pictured above, Craft-Ready High Quality Gourd Pots

You've likely seen the gourd pots in some of our video tutorials, and now they are available for you!

These beautiful gourds are thick-shelled and cleaned both inside and out. The bottom has been sanded so they sit flat, and the top has been cut straight across. Perfect for a wide variety of projects!

*Please note: Gourds will be bigger than the indicated range because of how we price them. For example, a gourd that passes THROUGH the 7-inch ring on our sizing board is priced as a 6-inch gourd, even though it could be as big as 6.9 inches. Watch our Gourds 101 video to see how we price our gourds.

Here are some examples of what you can create using Gourd Pots

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Gourd Pots, Pre-Cut and Craft Ready

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