Awesome Job Opening! 
Become Our 'Staff Artist' at the Welburn Gourd Farm!
On-Site housing at the farm available! (see details below)

If you are a gourd artist, are highly organized, detail oriented, and LOVE the idea of helping others get involved with gourds, this could be the job for you! Any skill level welcome to apply!

We believe we can help make the world a better place by providing an opportunity for people to do something that uplifts their spirits - gourd art!

If you love gourds and gourd art, and you want to be part of a team dedicated to spreading this enriching and rewarding art form, read on!

As Staff Artist at the Welburn Gourd Farm, you will be responsible for:

- Greeting customers at the farm and helping them with product and gourd crafting questions
- Calling every new customer to ask if they have questions about how to work with gourds or how to use our products, making sure they put safety first
- Being our Customer Engagement Co-Ordinator, responsible for overseeing our Facebook group and Instagram account and engaging with customers on these and other platforms, posting photos of the farm and our customers, and answering art and product-related questions in email and in our web chat area.

-Co-ordinating with team members on projects designed to showcase new and exciting gourd art from the gourd community
- Occasionally creating sample art pieces in order to showcase new products
- Helping the Operations Manager with various projects and tasks to help keep the farm running smoothly, including filling out and submitting paperwork to regulatory agencies to ensure safety for our organic farming practices
- Coordinating independent sales reps responsible for selling our surplus gourds
- Helping with the creation of new Stick ‘n Burn packs
- Helping take product photos when needed
- Depending on your software skills, you may also be responsible for helping create our print catalog and brochures, as well as various tasks with our web site (please be sure to list in your cover letter if you have experience with Photoshop or any software in the MS Creative Suite, as well as any other software experience)

As you can see, this is a very exciting position with lots of variety!

In addition, we want you to have FUN in your job.
After all, if you are miserable in the workplace, it pretty much sucks for all of us!

Here’s what we are looking for:
- Candidate must have excellent written and spoken communications skills
- Must be very detail oriented and highly organized
- Minimum 2 years experience as a Gourd Artist preferred
- Must be open to having healthy interpersonal relationships in the work environment through sharing the work load, supporting your co-workers and having honest and clear communication

Yes! We place importance on a healthy work environment with good communication where people can feel safe and not afraid to have hard conversations when needed. Sweeping things under the rug never works so if something is bothering you, you will be expected to voice that concern. That way we can all get back to having a happy and healthy work environment! Yay!

Gourd art created by Christy Barajas


30-35 hours per work, Tuesday - Saturday
-must be at farm every day Tuesday-Saturday, but hours per day are flexible and you can set your own schedule to a certain extent.
Please note: Since there are no benefits offered, the per hour wage is set higher than normal for this position

$15.00 - $16.00 per hour

On-Site Housing:

The “Ranch House” may be available at a reduced rent price of $1595 for qualified candidates after permanent employment has been established. We have a 3 month training period; if you need housing during this time, temporary rental of the Ranch House may be available. (Please see below for more information and photos).

How to apply for this position:

Please send your resume, a link to view samples of your artwork (or if sending photos, include 3-5 samples of art) and cover letter to We will mainly be looking at your cover letter. Your cover letter is the most important part of your application.

In your cover letter please include:
- Your name
- Where you live (and if you plan to relocate)
- a link to your web site or place where we can view your art, or attach 3-5 photos
- How long you have been working on gourds
- Why you feel you are qualified for the position
- If you know Mac or Windows or both, and how many years experience (example: “I have been working on Windows-based machines for 9 years. No experience with Mac”).
- Any and all software skills you have; please list in bullet list format and include your proficiency for each on a scale of 1-10 (1 being Beginner, 10 being Master)
- Why you feel our company mission aligns with your personal values (you may see our company mission here.). Your answer can be brief.

How well you follow the above instructions will indicate to us if you are detailed oriented, so please read the list carefully. Thank you!

About the Ranch House:

The Ranch House is approximately 1500 sq ft, 3 beds 2 bath home, plus a laundry room. House has huge picture windows and a light and bright living space. It is located right at the heart of the Gourd Farm in beautiful De Luz Canyon, surrounded by beautiful oak trees and abundant wildlife. You would literally walk to work!