For the Love of Gourds

A Special Message from Welburn Gourd Farm

Above, former staff member, Jennifer Post plays in the gourd racks.

At Welburn Gourd Farm our goal is to give people the opportunity to focus on things that make them happy so that together we can make a more joy-filled world.

We believe that spending a lot of time thinking about things you don’t want or things that make you sad or upset contributes to the problem......and spending even a little time thinking about and doing things that make you feel happy, hopeful or optimistic contributes to the solution.

We want to be part of the solution.

That’s why we grow organic hard shell gourds for arts, crafts, and musical instruments. That’s why we carry high quality products for crafting and creating with your gourds… that you can have something in your life that takes you away from thinking about your problems and makes you feel happy, peaceful, or content, even if only for a little while.

Whether your “gourd joy” comes from creating a fun craft piece or a beautiful art piece, or from dancing hula with an Ipu Heke ‘Ole (gourd drum)......or from teaching others how to work with gourds in your own classes and workshops, we love helping make it happen.

Our favorite thing in the world is to hear someone say, “My life is better because of your gourds and products.”If our gourds and products have enriched your life in any way, please take a moment and share your “Gourd Joy” story with us (and be sure to include a photo or two of yourself and/or your artwork!).

Here is our email:

And as always, we wish you “Happy Gourding!”

The Welburn Gourd Farm Team

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Shown here, President, Phoebe Welburn, with long-time friend and acclaimed gourd artist and instructor, Don Weeke