Bulk Order Gourds

Shipping container for bulk order gourds

Buy In Bulk and Save!Bulk orders are those that we select and ship to you in a 20-foot long or 40-foot long cargo container. The container is then loaded on a truck and driven to you, or shipped overseas to your location. Because you are shipping in bulk, you'll save as much as 50% on shipping costs! Plus, because you are placing a large order with us, you will be eligible for a quantity discount (based on availability)!

Container Size - Approximate # Gourds
20-foot (length) - 2,250*
40-foot (length) - 4,500
**based on an order for assorted shapes and sizes

To place a bulk order, or to find out more about availability and pricing, please call our office at 1-760-728-4271 and ask to speak with Danny.