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Welburn Gourd Farm is open to the public year round, Monday - Saturday, 10am to 4pm, and invites you to visit and get your gourds at wholesale prices!

Customers Search for Gourds in the Racks
If you've never experienced hundreds of thousands of gourds piled up nearly as far as the eye can see, you're in for a treat! For gourd lovers, its like being a kid in a candy store!

Customer shopping for gourdsWhen you visit Welburn Gourd Farm, you will find all the gourds conveniently placed in racks so you can shop leisurely without having to strain your back bending over constantly to pick up gourds! Too see a list of gourd prices, please visit the pricing page.

Many people mistakenly think the gourds are put in the shopping racks for drying, but the gourds are actually left to dry in the fields (see below) and brought in only after they are completely "cured".

Gourds drying in the fieldBecause green gourds can crack during the drying process, Welburn Gourd Farm only sells gourds that have already been cured (dried). To see how gourds are grown, visit the How Gourds are Grown page. 

Washed and Unwashed Gourds
A cleaned gourd on left, and a dirty gourd on right.

Gourds at the farm may be purchased either cleaned or dirty. To find out how to clean gourds, watch the video below: 

Welburn Gourd Farm is a year-round operation located on a quiet country road in Southern California. Since 1979, the farm has been growing hard-shell gourds for artists, crafters and musicians, and more.

The farm is completely organic and uses no harmful fertilizers or pesticides so as to preserve the natural state of the surrounding land and water supplies and your health!

The Welburn Gourd Fields, located on the historic Garnsey Ranch in De Luz Canyon (Fallbrook, CA)

Welburn Gourd Farm
Shown above, 5 of the 12 fields where we grow our gourds.

Although you cannot see them in the above photo, there are actually hundreds of thousands of gourds put in rows (to dry) in these fields. To find out more about how gourds grow and dry visit the How Gourds are Grown Page!

Years of experience in gourd growing combined with Southern California's ideal growing conditions are what contribute to the amazing thickness of Welburn gourds.

Thick canteen gourd, partially carved

These thick shells make our gourds ideal for artists who incorporate heavy cutting or carving work in their gourd art.

Gourds are a member of the Cucurbitaceae family (same as melons and squash) and grow very much like a pumpkin. Their sprawling vines can reach over 50 feet in length.

The Welburn Gourd Farm currently has over 60 acres in cultivation and produces one crop of gourds per year, taking from 11 to 12 months to grow and cure its gourds.

Farm Open to the Public
Monday - Saturday:10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed: Sundays and select holidays
For directions to the farm, Click Here! Happy Gourd Customer

We hope you will have the opportunity to experience the Farm for yourself. Not only are the prices better (wholesale as opposed to retail), the selection is amazing and the location is absolutely beautiful. Groups and clubs are always welcome!

To better assist you, please make an appointment for groups of 50 or more persons by calling us at: (760) 728-4271.

We look forward to meeting you either in person at the Farm, or speaking with you on the phone!

Not able to visit the farm? Check out the great selection of gourds available on our web site - Click here.