Pre-Printed Stick 'n Burn Pack : Butterflies and Dragonflies

Gourd art by Krystal Garrido

Dragonfly Gourd Pot with Filigree Carving
created by Christy Barajas

Gourd art by Krystal Garrido

Butterfly Canteen Gourd with Filigree Carving
by Krystal Garrido

The Butterflies and Dragonflies Stick 'n Burn Pack has plenty of beautiful designs including butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers. These designs really "pop" when you color them with iridescent Transparent Pigment Powders or metal leaf, as shown in the image by Gloria Crane.

Gourd art by Gloria Crane

Dragonfly Gourd Pot by Gloria Crane

Be sure to check out the class on demand, "How to Make a Butterfly Votive Oil Lamp with Gloria Crane", to see how she created these gorgeous butterflies.

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Stick 'n Burn Butterflies and Dragonflies Pack

$12.95 USD

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