How to Fix Your Gourd Stems

October 17, 2017

How to Fix Your Gourd Stems

Have a broken gourd stem? Here's how to easily fix it! (See video Below)

One of the most attractive things about gourds (besides their gorgeous shapes and natural markings) is the gourd stem. The way they curve tells the story of how they were grown. Sometimes they have that cute little twist in them (those are my favorite), or a nice curve to the side. It just adds so much character to the gourd.

I wish all gourds came with stems. But the sad truth is sometimes these stems are fragile and just get lost in the shuffle. With so many opportunities for them to break off, it's actually a miracle some are still intact when they arrive at your home in the box!

You know you're a "gourder" when this situation has happened to you. You open up your box to find the perfect gourd with the stem and…"oh no, I dropped it"! Now some curse words may be flying out of your mouth, might even shed a few tears. Bye, bye stem. For a brief moment, your world is crashing down.

But you don't have to feel that way, because it is SUPER EASY to replace a stem on your gourd!

You can easily add that charm back to your gourd!

Have a gourd top from another project with a nice stem on it? Cut it off and use that stem. Or do it the really simple way and order replacement stems from Welburn Gourd Farm with the dowel already drilled and glued in!
Watch the video below to see how easy it is to replace your broken gourd stem!

Original Air Date: 10/5/2017, Article written by: Kelsey Nelson
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