April 22, 2020: NEW “Gourd Art Marketplace,” plus Lamp Kits back in stock and more!

April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020: NEW “Gourd Art Marketplace,” plus Lamp Kits back in stock and more!

Video Newsletter: NEW "Gourd Art Marketplace," plus Lamp Kits back in stock, and more!

NEW "Gourd Art Marketplace" - Resource for Gourd Artists!

With so many art shows and events cancelled, many gourd artists are without a way to sell their art. We've set up a NEW online community in Facebook called "Gourd Art Marketplace" to help artists find buyers for their gourd art!

In addition, each week we will select one or more artists who have posted in this new group and promote their pieces on our web site and email to encourage people to purchase their art. It is Free to join and Free to post. We take no commission.

To post your art, start by clicking on the "Sell Something" link, then fill in the required information. You are also welcome to post links to your web site and/or Etsy store (store or site you link to must sell 90% or more gourd art).

Even if you do not have art work to sell, please visit the Gourd Art Marketplace to show support for the artists and share the link on your own page and in any online community that may be interested in purchasing these beautiful art pieces! Thank you!

Craft-Ready Gourd Lamp Kits Back in Stock - Yay!

Shown above, Open-Top Gourd Lamp Kits. Includes pre-cut and cleaned gourd with hole in bottom, lamp base, cord, and LED bulb.

Each Craft-Ready Gourd Lamp comes with the hole pre-drilled in the bottom with the exact size of the base. This makes your gourd fit snugly over the base and prevents light bleeding through on the bottom. Each gourd lamp has also been sanded on the bottom so it sits straight.

This beautiful open-top gourd lamp is by Patricia Eisenbeisz‎! Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your art work with us!

Fili-Point Burrs Are Back In Stock!

Above: Fili-Point Burr, Reg. $13.95, Just $11.95! (For use with a carving tool, such as the Pro Carver.)

Watch the video above to see how to make this beautiful Koi-themed gourd pot, including great uses for the Fili-Point bur.

Great Idea for Canteen Center-Cut Gourd Pieces!

Above: Phoebe Welburn with the size options for Canteen Gourd Center-Cuts.

Pictured left: This lovely wall-mounted planter with succulents was made from a Canteen Gourd Center-Cut, by Dianne Connelly. Thanks, Dianne, for sharing your gourd art!

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

We were just WOWed by this awesome gourd art piece by Janet Holloran Bratcher! She drew the designs by hand, and we love how she left the dragonflies and reeds natural looking. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

Shown above: "Bargain Quality" Tall-Body vases - Just a few boxes left in stock.

Featured video: See how Christy Barajas created the faux basket weave on her Tall-Body gourd vase shown above.