Working with Gourdmaster(TM) Colors and Finishes

The GourdMaster™ Ink Dye Pro Pack is the perfect way to get started with Ink Dyes! To see the list of the 42 colors, click here.

Here's what you get with the GourdMaster™ Ink Dye Pro-Pack:

  • All 42 Ink Dye Colors 
  • 20 Fine-Tip Applicators
  • 20 Micro Brushes
  • A pack of Cotton Rounds
  • 2oz. Bottle of Formula 49
  • 3 Clear Bottle Caddies!
  • DVDs discontinued. Videos will be sent to you by email as a link to watch online.

The 12-Color Basic Pack comes with: Apple Red, Aqua, Classic Green, Classic Yellow, Deep Orange, Eggplant, Honey, Medium Brown, Pure Black, Rich Mahogany, Saddle, White Ink Dyes! 
Plus a 20-pack of Fine Tip Applicators, a pack of Cotton Rounds, 2 oz. Bottle of Formula 49 and a Clear Bottle Caddy!
Please note: DVD discontinued. Video will be sent to you in email as a link to watch online.

Variety Ink Dye 10-Pack which includes: Merlot, Golden Brown, Chestnut, Gingerbread, Blue Linen, Rose, Smokey Brown, Plum, Imperial Red, and Christmas Green.