Pre-Boxed Clean Canteen Gourds

"Greetings! I have to say that of all the gourds I've EVER purchased, Welburn Farm gourds are THE nicest, thickest, smoothest, most symmetrical... & did I mention THICKEST? Super gourds! Thanks so much for all you guys do!" Sincerely, Cynthia, Picture Rocks Art

Shown here, Phoebe Welburn with Welburn's prized Canteen Gourds.

So named for its resemblance to a water canteen, the Welburn Canteen gourd is well known for its extremely thick shell and beautiful, symmetrical shape.

If you do any type of deep carving work on gourds, you’ll love working on the thick-shelled Welburn Canteen gourd! These very symmetrical gourds are prized among gourd artists.

Watch the video for this carved canteen gourd vase by Christy Barajas, click here.

The Pre-Boxed Canteen Gourds come in a variety of sizes to choose from:

Small Canteen Gourds Range in Size from 5” to 6.9” in diameter

Medium Canteen Gourds Range in Size from 7” to 8.9” in diameter

Large Canteen Gourds Range in Size from 9” to 10.9” in diameter

Please Note: Gourds are a natural product and each one is different. Photos are meant to be a general representation and do not represent the exact gourds you will receive.


Box of 3 Large: Approx. 9-10.9" Diameter
Box of 5 Medium: Approx. 7-8.9" Diameter
Box of 9 Small: Approx. 5-6.9" Diameter
Box of 5 Mixed Sizes: Approx. 5-10.9" Diameter


Gourd art by Bill Colligen

Please Note: Gourds are often referred to as 5" or 6" or 7" etc., but they are will be bigger because of how we price them. For example, a gourd that passes THROUGH the 7-inch ring on our sizing board is priced and referred to as a "6-inch gourd," even though it could be as big as 6.9 inches. Click on the "How Gourds Are Priced" tab above to see how we price our gourds.

Gourd art by Michell Lemen

Gourd art by James Rondell

Gourd art by Sammie Crawford

Gourd art by Dorothy Pullo

Gourd Art by Marilyn Sunderland 

Gourd Art Christy Barajas

Gourd Art by Jenn Avery

Gourd Art by Sue Welburn

"These are top of the line gourds. If you are looking for thick, strong and well-shaped gourds you are in the right place!" -Misty Orlove

Gourds are a natural product and every gourd is different. Some have natural shell markings and there may be slight imperfections or small blemishes in an inconspicuous area, but they are still fabulous gourds!

As always, Pre-Boxed gourds have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the entire box for a full refund!*

Gourd art by Kelsey Nelson

Gourd art by Donnie Novak

(Note: The product photos at the top of the page are meant as a general guideline and do not represent the exact gourds you will receive. )

*For Pre-Boxed gourds, refunds are given on the entire box, not individual gourds. Sorry, we cannot refund individual gourds from a Pre-boxed group because the price reduction offered on these boxes (as compared to Custom Order gourds) is based on the group of gourds as a whole.

Pre-Boxed gourds are offered at a substantial discount from Custom Order gourds. If you do need gourds to meet your exact specifications, you are able to place a Custom Order and get the exact gourds you need.

"I have placed several gourd orders with you over the last few months. Every single gourd has been of exceptional quality. Each one has been thick, evenly proportioned, and has had a beautiful, smooth surface. Your gourds are by far the best available, and your customer service is outstanding! I would not buy from anyone else. The high quality of your gourds makes them a joy to work with, and each of my customers has been thrilled! Thanks so much!!" -Cathy Whitehead, R.I.

Watch These Videos

Shown above, Gourd Sizing Board

Most of the "Pre-Boxed Clean Gourds" are sorted by the following sizes:

Large Size: Approx. 9"-10.9" in Diameter*
Medium Size: Approx. 7"-8.9" in Diameter*
Small Size: Approx. 5"-6.9" in Diameter*
Mixed Sizes: Approx. 5"-10.9" in Diameter*

Please see the size references in the photos below!

*Please note: Gourds will be bigger than the size shown on the sizing board because there is a range from one size hole to the next. For example, a gourd that sits on the 9-inch ring and passes through the 10-inch ring on our sizing board is priced as a 9-inch gourd, even though it could be as big as 9.9 inches. Watch our Gourds 101 video to see how we price our gourds.Most of the "Pre-Boxed Clean Gourds" are sorted by the following sizes:

Gourds are sized by their diameter, which is the widest point of the gourd straight across.

Shown above, Small Pear Gourds

Shown above, Medium Pear Gourds

Shown above, Large Pear Gourds

Pre-Boxed CLEAN Canteen Gourds

Gourds are sized by diameter, the distance straight across at the widest point.
Please note: Gourds are a natural product and shapes will vary. The photo is meant as a general example and does not represent the exact gourds you will receive.

Here's A Better Way Display Your Gourd Art

Metal Gourd Stands (shown here) and Gourd Ring Stands are a perfect way to display your gourds upright if they don't have a flat bottom!