GourdMaster™ Ink Dye Sets

Basic Colors Ink Dye Set
Value. $75.85,
Just $64.95!
You Save Almost 15%!

Sandy Stoppenhagen Uhrick made this beautiful bluebird birdhouse using all GourdMaster Ink Dyes.

The Basic Colors Set includes: Amethyst, Apple Red, Aqua, Bright Copper, Classic Green, Classic Yellow, Medium Brown, Pure Black, Rose, and White.
This set is perfect if you are looking to to have all of the primary colors to get you started!

Top 10 Colors Ink Dye Set
Value. $75.85,
Just $64.95!
You Save Almost 15%!

We love this colorful gourd art by Marty Douglas which uses many of the colors from the Top 10 Colors Set!

The Top 10 Color Set has our best selling Ink Dyes which include: Caribbean Blue, Deep Orange, Espresso, Honey, Rich Mahogany, Saddle, Spring Green, Sunflower, Tan, and Walnut.

Cool Colors Ink Dye Set
Value. $75.85,
Just $64.95!
You Save Almost 15%!

Helen CdeBaca created this amazing gourd art using all GourdMaster Ink Dyes!

The Cool Colors Set includes: Blue Linen, Christmas Green, Clover, Deep Green, Light Green, Merlot, Plum, Sky Blue, Smokey Brown, and Turquoise.
Merlot and Smokey Brown may seem like warm colors but they do have blue undertones!

Warm Colors Ink Dye Set
Value. $75.85,
Just $64.95!
You Save Almost 15%!

Sue Sweder made this beautifully unique art piece with many colors from the Warm Colors Set and Stick 'n Burn from the Southwest Animal Motifs pack.

The Warm Colors Set includes: Burnt Orange, Chestnut, Garnet, Gingerbread, Golden Brown, Imperial Red, Magenta, Rust, Sienna, and Soft Beige.

Ink Dye Complete Set
Value. $279.60,
Just $225.95!
You Save Almost 20%!

The Complete Set comes with all 40 Ink Dye colors! To see the list of colors click here!

Would you like to see how to use Ink Dyes? Watch the video below!

See all of our Ink Dyes swatched below!
Please note: Berry and Eggplant Ink Dyes are being discontinued and are not included in the sets.

Shown above, 10 GourdMaster Ink Dyes!
Left to right, back row: Golden Brown, Plum, Chestnut, Christmas Green, Rose.
Left to right, front row: Merlot, Blue Linen, Gingerbread, Imperial Red, Smokey Brown.

GourdMaster Ink Dye Sets

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