Stick 'n Burn Celtic Designs Pack

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Make Elegant Art Pieces with the Celtic Designs Stick 'n Burn Pack!

The Celtic knot or weave, in its many styles and shapes, was among the most popular designs created by the Celtic and Norse peoples. With a single thread twisting and weaving over and under itself, the Celtic weave pattern symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things!

Each thing made with a Celtic weave stands for the whole of existence, now you can incorporate the rich symbolism of these beautiful designs into your gourd art the easy way using Stick n' Burn Design Transfer Sheets!

Pictured above: Gourd art by Christy Barajas featuring Celtic knot from the Celtic Designs Stick 'n Burn Pack, and green accents using Metallic Gourd Inks in Emerald Frost and Sea Foam Sparkle.

Pictured above: Gourd art by Krystal Garrido. The celtic knot from the pack was embellished with Varigated Dawn Metal Leaf. The green background was done by mixing Forest Green and Leaf Transparent Acrylics with Yellow Gold Pigment Powder.

Pictured above, gourd art woodburned on a mini gourd by Krystal Garrido.

Take a Look at These Gourds Done with Celtic Designs Stick 'n Burn!

Gourd art by Krystal Garrido

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Stick 'n Burn is so much fun to use because it is so easy to get great results! Why waste hours tracing lines and struggling with messy carbon paper to get your design onto your gourd for wood burning when you can do it in one easy step?

(Celtic knot it is not…pictured left, gourd art with heart design, by Mitchell Cunningham. Although technically NOT a Celtic weave, we decided to put this design in the pack anyway since it got so many requests!)

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