Pre-Printed Stick 'N Burn Pack: Classic Leather Tooling and Basket Weave

The "Classic Leather Tooling and Basket Weave" Stick 'n Burn pack is in the top 3 favorites of Stick 'n Burn patterns!

Gourd art by Gloria Crane

If you have purchased Gloria Crane's 'Tooled Leather' DVD, you have already discovered great techniques to create a tooled leather look on your gourds. Due to popular demand, we have created a Stick 'N Burn pack with even MORE leather tooled designs!

This pack features an extremely popular basket weave design as well as Sheridan flowers and other classic Leather Tooling motifs.

This Stick 'n Burn pack features 3 pages of designs (2 pages of each for a total of 6 pages in each pack). It also has different sized designs so you can use them on a variety of gourd sizes and shapes!

Pictured above, Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Pictured right, is a Tall Vase by Christy Barajas, featuring the basket weave and Sheridan style flower from the Stick 'n Burn pack, "Classic Leather Tooling and Basket Weave".

The Basket Weave design was shaded using a "Writing Pen".

The Sheridan flower has been carved around to make it stand out from the wood burned basket weave.

You can easily do this technique to any art piece by using your GourdMaster Pro Carver and a Dremel #192 and Dremel #191 bit!

The vibrant background is colored with Rust Ink Dye to create a warm and rustic feel.  

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Watch the video below to discover easy ways to create a beautiful basket weave pattern on your gourd using the Stick 'n Burn!

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Stick 'n Burn Classic Leather Tooling and Basket Weave Pack

$12.95 USD

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