Gourd Keychains

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Gourd Keychains

These fun little keychains are made from small, 1"-1.75" Jewelry gourds and are cleaned and ready to craft! Personalize your gourd keychain with your own design, Ink Dye colors, and woodburning. Perfect for gifts!

Each keychain is hand selected for shape and quality, then fitted with an eye screw that is reinforced with glue to ensure its durability.

Craft-Ready Gourd Keychain.
Perfect for making personalized gifts!

Gourd keychains by Anna Borowczyk-Rudecka!

In addition, the key chain hardware includes a special "swivel joint" to handle the spin of the chain (something that happens naturally with use).

This means the spin stress will not be on the eye screw, which would cause it to unscrew from the gourd (something we learned about the hard way when we designed our first keychains and found the screw kept falling out of the gourd even when glued!).

The result is a durable keychain that will hold up to use and, with your added design touches, is both beautiful and functional!