GourdMaster Metallic Gourd Ink Sets

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Accent your gourd art with a splash of brilliant color! Use Metallic Inks for durable, reflective color that is long lasting and will not fade, chip, or peel off your gourd surface.

As with the regular Gourd Ink Dyes, they are alcohol-free and are specially formulated to provide a rich color that withstands time. Thicker than the regular Gourd Ink Dyes, the Metallic Gourd Inks are applied using a paintbrush or Fine Tip Applicator and go on as a solid, opaque color (no transparency). Mix well before applying to prevent your colors from drying out.

You'll love the high quality, long-lasting durable color of the Metallic Gourd Inks! Take a look at the art pieces below for more inspiration!

Shown below, the "Southwest Colors" are on the left side of the chart and the "Earthtone Colors" are on the right side of the chart!
The Complete Set comes with all 20 stunning colors shown below!

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What You Can Do With GourdMaster™ Metallic Gourd Inks!

Creating a Colorful Parrot Using GourdMaster Metallic Inks

Creating a Red Dragon with GourdMaster Metallic Inks