Bargain Quality Gourd Pots, Pre-Cut And Craft-Ready

"Just a note that I received my boxes of bargain gourds. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with them! If these are the bargain gourds I can't wait to order the 'perfect' gourds!" -Lane Alexander

“I received my half-price [Bargain] boxes today and was totally in awe...Who in their right mind WOULDN’T purchase these gourds at such an unbelievable value!” - Barbara K. Lohman, MO

Small 'Bargain Quality' Gourd Pots

Medium 'Bargain Quality' Gourd Pots

Large 'Bargain Quality' Gourd Pots


Small: Approx. 5"- 6.9" Diameter
Approx. 7"- 8.9" Diameter
: Approx. 9"- 10.9" Diameter


Please Note: Gourds are often referred to as 5" or 6" or 7" etc., but they are will be bigger because of how we price them. For example, a gourd that passes THROUGH the 7-inch ring on our sizing board is priced and referred to as a "6-inch gourd," even though it could be as big as 6.9 inches. Click on the "How Gourds Are Priced" tab above to see how we price our gourds.

Here's what people have to say about our bargain quality gourds:

These gourds were not quite good enough to qualify as our regular, high quality, craft-ready gourds, so we decided to offer them at a HUGE discount as a "Bargain Quality" box of pre-cut and cleaned gourds!

Pictured left, gourd art with red flowers by Christy Barajas; this piece was made using a "bargain quality" gourd like those in the bargain box of Gourd Pots!

And the best part is, there's no cleaning needed! The pre-cut gourds have been cleaned both inside and out!

Unlike our regular, high-quality gourds, "Bargain Quality" gourds often have shell blemishes, like on the gourd pictured left. The "Bargain Quality" Box of gourd pots costs over 30% less than regular gourd pots, and you can still use them to make stunning pieces of art, like the ginkgo gourd pot pictured above, by Christy Barajas!

Look at What You Can Create With Gourd Pots!

Above: Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Above: Gourd art by Krystal Garrido


Gourds are sized by their diameter, which is the widest point of the gourd straight across.

Most of the "Pre-Boxed Clean Gourds" are sorted by the following sizes:

Shown above, Gourd Sizing Board

Large Size: Approx. 9"-10.9" in Diameter*
Medium Size: Approx. 7"-8.9" in Diameter*
Small Size: Approx. 5"-6.9" in Diameter*
Mixed Sizes: Approx. 5"-10.9" in Diameter*

Please see the size references in the photos below!

*Please note: Gourds will be bigger than the size shown on the sizing board because there is a range from one size hole to the next. For example, a gourd that sits on the 9-inch ring and passes through the 10-inch ring on our sizing board is priced as a 9-inch gourd, even though it could be as big as 9.9 inches. Watch our Gourds 101 video to see how we price our gourds.

Shown above, Small Pear Gourds

Shown above, Medium Pear Gourds

Shown above, Large Pear Gourds

Bargain Quality Gourd Pots, Pre-Cut and Craft-Ready

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